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    Digital Marketing Course

    Digital Marketing Course

    Digital Drushti, a learning platform offers a digital marketing course that addresses the most fundamental and sophisticated digital learners’ requirements in the Indian and international markets. We impart knowledge on the wonders of online marketing to students, business owners, and experts in the field.

    Throughout our digital marketing courses, participants master every nuance and crucial ideas that govern digital marketing and related industries. Our founder and primary instructor, Ms. Trupti S. Rahate, a sector specialist with over 14 years of experience as a digital marketing and transformation expert, meticulously created our curriculum. We want to make digital marketing training affordable and accessible to everyone in the country.

    Digital Drushti

    Become A Certified Digital Marketing Professional

    Add gravity to your resume with our most sought-after Digital Marketing Course! The premium hybrid (online/offline) course is carefully curated by industry experts and spans over 2 months.

    2 Months Duration

    16 Modules

    Assured Internships

    Placement Assistance

    Digital Marketing Course
    Curated & Structured For


    Working Professional



    Key Features

    Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

    Our curriculum is designed to make you a finest marketer

    1.Understand the role of digital concerning traditional marketing media mix strategies.
    2.Understand customer decision journeys, customer personas and audience tribes.
    3.Develop a brand vision and goal for you by learning about the new digital marketing framework.

    1.Introduction to Social Media.
    2.Introduction to Facebook.
    3.Marketing: Organic.

    4.Marketing: Paid.
    5.Introduction to Instagram Marketing.
    6.Introduction to Twitter Marketing.
    7..Introduction to YouTube Marketing.
    8.Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing.
    9.Other Important Social Media. Platforms.
    10.Social Media Strategy.
    11.Online Reputation Management.

    1.What is Design?
    2.Learn to structure your design.
    3.Design Principles.
    4.Best Design Practices.
    5.Do's and Don’ts of Design.
    6.Using Canva to Build designs.
    7.Learn to Design for Social Media. Posts.
    8.Learn to think of creative ideas.
    9.Understanding consumer psychology.

    1.Set up a Facebook business page to promote your business online.
    2.Learn how to use Facebook, including how to put up adverts.
    3.Study content posting techniques to advertise your page.
    4.Learn how to increase the visibility of a post.
    5.Become conversant with Facebook users.
    6.Learn how to run a paid ad campaign.
    7.Study the analytics of Facebook campaign.

    1.Learn the art of growing followers on the most popular social media channels.
    2.Optimize and polish your bio.
    3.Content generation and video making.
    4.Hashtag, Stories, and reel mastery.
    5.Understanding advanced analytics to make informed decisions.

    1.Understand the new customer journey to structure your Facebook ad campaigns for success properly.
    2.Structure a sustainable and scalable Facebook marketing campaign that generates less expensive traffic, leads, and sales while lowering the risk of an ad account shut down.
    3.Find out what ads perform best by using Split Tests and optimizing for the top-performing ads to avoid increased costs.
    4.Advertise on the Instagram platform. Target website visitors, Facebook fans, or email subscribers. Custom Audiences and Target people like your existing customers with Lookalike Audience.
    5.Drive E-commerce Sales with Dynamic Ads & Collection Ads. Grow Your App with App Install & Engagement Ads.
    6.Introduction to Reports and A/B Testing.
    7.Analysing the results .

    1.How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile to get 10x more visibility and generate leads.
    2.Demystify the most expensive paid ad channel and confidently generate huge ROI from your LinkedIn Ads.
    3.Scale your audience, avoid competition, and build wildly effective retargeting audiences.
    4.How to send cold LinkedIn Messages and get a meeting with ANYONE from small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies.

    1.Create a large, popular, and well-viewed YouTube channel.
    2.Improve your YouTube channel's growth quickly.
    3.Increase the number of YouTube video views.
    4.Sell goods or services on YouTube.
    5.Create a brand and a following on YouTube.
    6.Promote your channel and certain videos much like a marketing expert would.
    7.Boost your YouTube SEO with YouTube advertisements.
    YouTube revenue generation.

    1.Introduction to Google Ads.
    2.Keyword planner.
    3.Search Advertising.
    4.Display Advertising.
    5.Video Advertising.
    6.Mobile Advertising.
    7.Discovery and Smart Ads.
    8.Shopping Advertising.
    9.Remarketing Ads.
    10.Introduction to Reports and A/B Testing.

    1.Learn how to structure and write compelling sales copy.
    2.Understand how to leverage features, benefits, and advantages.
    3.Learn to research and hack your competitors using our novel product research techniques.
    4.Exact Science behind writing copies for Ads, Emailers, Sales Pages, and Lead Magnets.
    5.Apply the power of emotional drivers, even when writing in a B2B environment, and master powerful call-to-actions.
    6.Get Pre-made templates made by our in-house copywriters for you to get started.

    1.Understand Web Presence.
    2.Importance of selecting domain.
    3.How to select hosting provide.
    4.Understanding importance of themes.
    5.Learn To Create Website.
    6.Integration with various plugins.
    7.Learn Web Analytics.

    1.About Search Engines.
    2.Crawling, Indexing & Ranking.
    3.Anatomy Of A SERP.
    5.Keyword Research.
    6.On-page SEO.
    7.Off-page SEO.
    8.Local SEO and Online Directories.
    9.Mobile SEO and App Store optimization.
    10.Other Important Tools for SEO.

    2.Email Lists and Email Content.
    3.Creating an Email Campaign.
    4.Sending personalized emails.
    5.Improving Email Deliverability.
    6.Reading email campaign statistics.
    7.Automation in email campaigns.

    2.Influencer Marketing.
    3.Marketing Automation.
    4.Voice Search and Digital Marketing.
    5.AI in Digital Marketing.
    6.Micro-moments Marketing.
    7.Programmatic Advertising.

    2.Push-Pull algorithm of each platform .
    3.Working knowledge of Excel, PPT and MS Word.
    4.Planning the campaigns based on expected ROI.
    5.Presenting analytics and reports.

    1.Some soft skills that are commonly requested by employers are teamwork, problem solving, communication, adaptability, critical thinking and time management.
    2. You will be trained on all essential soft skills before you start your Internship or Live project.

    Why Digital Drushti?

    Our training teaches you how to create and implement plans that satisfy both the needs of the organization’s clients and its business goals. You learn to work on digital marketing tools and content based on audio, video, graphics, podcasts, and textual copy/ads.

    Establishing and maintaining an online presence is typically one of the main goals of digital marketing. As a result, we teach you how to manage a brand’s online presence. You will produce and distribute targeted content, analyse data, oversee customer service, and work with bigger digital marketing teams to generate high-impact social media campaigns.

    Master industry- relevant tools

    Happy Student Reviews

    Aarti Gupta

    As everything is gng digital ..thought of giving it a try .....n learn digital mrktng ...n to learn digital choosed the best one ....Trupti mam...she made it so easy to understand with detailed explanations n worth doing.

    Gunjan Doshi

    I did my digital marketing course from digital drushti and trust me the knowledge Trupti has is commendable.... i would recommend people to go for this course from digital drushti..

    Chocoworld by Preeti

    Thank you soooo much Mam ..... love the way u taught us .....I enjoyed a lot n learned new things ... now do not depand on anybody to do my work... thnx a lot !!!!

    Surbhi Bhojania

    I did the two day digital marketing program with digital drushti and it was a very fine experience! I totally recommend. Many things i learned from Trupti. Thanks for being there!

    Pallavi Khavanekar

    Very nice & easy to understand.
    Non technical person like me can also make own websites.
    Useful for homebase and small business for online mkting.


    Vandana Inamdar

    Thank you shared your knowledge and conducted the class like a true teacher and i enjoyed learning as much as i could but iam keep to learn much more in future . best wishes to you and your team.

    Nisha Aggarwal

    The teaching here is on personal level...she solves all your queries .After class support is also recommendable.



    Nishat Shaikh

    Hi, Digital Drushti is an eye opening session for me in the field of Digital. Great experience. A big thumbs up, thank you!




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    Digital Marketing Course


    On successful completion of course, our placement team will help you connect with prospective recruiters and help you prepare for the interviews.

    The Mentors would be teaching you through live Online & offline Classes in Zoom.

    You are eligible for the job/Freelance Assistance only upon the course completion.

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