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Use WhatsApp Business for your Business Promotion

WhatsApp Business

Almost all our workshops include hands-on training of WhatsApp business. It is one the under-rated OR unknown business app that acts as micro site for your business.

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Probably all of us are using WhatsApp as it is one of the most important instant messaging applications available in internet marketing. The majority of people use WhatsApp on their smartphone to share messages and images with each other. It is an important form of social media that has influenced the psyche of modern users in the field of digital marketing. But now it has also been helpful to the industrial or the business world to communicate with their clients in a simpler way by online marketing. Comparing to the original WhatsApp app the business app has the same features like to create their own profile with information such as Business Description, email addresses and website. WhatsApp Business is one of the best online marketing platforms to do online brand promotion or to advertise your business. The Business app also provides smart messaging tools to let Business to be more fast and simple in the era of digital marketing. This application helps us in E-commerce marketing. In this blog, we will see the 7 Features of the Business App

  1. Business profile

  2. Catalog

  3. Greeting messages

  4. Quick reply

  5. Short link

  6. Away message

  7. Label chats

First Feature: Business profile

1. In a business profile, we can set our micro-site. Such as our profile photo (Company Logo) and Business Name as Display Name.

2. We have to go to the settings >>> business settings >>> Business Profile. We can set the location of the company directly by the google map. We can choose the category of our business (such as education, entertainment, banking and finance and more) as per our acknowledgement.

3. We have to mention the business description. In this section, we must mention the details about our business and our expertise.

4. Next comes the business hours in which we get three options OPEN FOR SELECTED HOURS [we have to add a set of hours], ALWAYS OPEN [open 24 hours], and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

5. We have to mention the correct email address and website links [maximum 2 links]. This feature helps us to advertise our business.

Second Feature: Catalogue

1. In the catalogue, we can showcase and share our products – services. We can mention the price, description and up to 10 photos of the same.

2. We have to go to the settings >>> business settings >>> catalogue >>> add product and services >>>.

Third Feature - Short link

1. It can be defined as the link by which the client/customer can have a direct WhatsApp chat to the company without saving the number on WhatsApp.

2. For this feature you have to go the settings >>> business settings >>> messaging tools >>> Short links.

3. This short link can be shared while doing social media promotions or WhatsApp promotions as well.

Fourth Feature - Away message

1. As per the name the above feature is used for responding to the messages when we are not available or offline.

2. We have to go to the settings >>> business settings >>> messaging tools >>> Away messages.

3. We have to set away message. We can customize the message time such as “Always send”, “Outside of business hours”, “Custom schedule”.

4. For example, if a client messages in your absence then he will receive a reply such as ‘’Thank you for your message. We’re unavailable right now but will respond as soon as possible, which was set as away message.

Fifth Feature - Greeting messages

1. In WhatsApp business app there is also a feature of greeting message for new customers.

2. For this feature we have to go to the settings >>> business settings >>> messaging tools >>> Enable greeting message [write a greeting message].

3. For example, if a new client sends you a “Hi” this feature will automatically respond to the client by sending the greeting message [Thank you for contacting us. Please let us know how we can help you. ] You can save a reply in the above-mentioned settings that suits your business.

Sixth Feature - Quick Replies

1. This is one of the smartest features in the business app and it is simple also.

2. For this feature you have to go the settings >>> business settings >>> messaging tools >>> Quick replies.

3. In this feature, we can save answers/replies to the frequently asked questions by the customers. Like address or available varieties etc.

4. We can save multiple numbers of replies in this section.

Seventh Feature - · Label chats

1. Label chats are used for labeling the chats as per the status of the chat.

2. If we press and hold a conversation then we get label icon above the conversations.

3. There are 5 labels which we can use such as new customer, New order, Pending payment, Paid, Order complete and you can create more as per your requirements. On doing so we can see the label icon will be displayed on the chat.

4. Based on the labels we can sort the conversation in our WhatsApp For easy access. E.g. All Pending payments can be sorted easily.

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