Website Development Without Coding

Design your own website and create your identity in the Digital Marketing era. Start from selecting a domain up till creating your professional email id - we will teach you everything. Visit 'Upcoming Batches' tab to check next batch!

Image by Markus Spiske

Selecting a Domain

How to buy suitable / an appropriate domain

Image by Domenico Loia

Connecting Domain

Make a live website

during the session

Image by Carlos Muza

Other Important Tools

Connect your website to Google analytics and other tools

Image by Franki Chamaki

Types of Website

Introduction to different types of websites and their structures

Image by Edho Pratama

Mapping it to Google

Map your website with google

and start receiving visitors

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Adding Blogs 

Add blogs to your website

Sketching in Tablet

Designing a Website

During the class design

one website

Image by Krsto Jevtic

Professional Email Id

Set up a professional email id

with the same domain

Image by Aaron Burden

Content Curation

How to write most effective content for your website