Digital Drushti
We at Digital Drushti aim to equip (Business' as well as students) with the actual and accurate reading of their customer's response received through various campaigns. With more than 12 years of industry experience, we guide you to devise an appropriate strategy.  

We believe that Digital Marketing is just not about running campaigns but analysing the results received through various campaigns. 

Our Popular Workshops:

  1. Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

  2. Social Media Marketing

  3. Website building without coding  

  4. Design without any complex software

  5. Online Payment Methods and Precautions

  6. Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

  7. Advanced Digital Marketing for Professionals 

During my 12 years of Digital Marketing experience in Corporate (As a Client and not as an agency person) I got exposure to Digital Marketing as well as Digital Transformation.


My most enriching experience was in Mahindra (MFCServices) where I could actually bring Digital Transformation in the organization and could demonstrate the power of Digital Marketing in the Indian Rural Market too! Having worked with

Stemade Biotech - India’s First Dental Stem Cells Company and many such niche products - One thing I realized is that Digital Marketing is all about Experimenting and Analysing. One must have an eye for detail and Patience!

When I left my position at Mahindra I was not sure whether I would start Coaching Digital Marketing but considering the dearth of Experienced and Knowledgable trainers in this industry -

Digital Drushti was founded. Today, I have imparted coaching to 100+ students and am delighted to see their growing business OR their career progression!

At Digital Drushti, one can attend Group OR Individual Workshop. Based on the business requirements I have curated the workshop content but for working professionals, it is fully customized.

In case, you are looking for practical knowledge OR consultation in Digital Marketing / Transformation field - Contact us OR You can connect on LinkedIn