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Digital Drushti is looking for instructors with experience in diverse online & digital learning subjects to join our world-class digital learning platform.

We seek professionals passionate about teaching and exploring vast avenues of knowledge.

How To Become An Instructor

To be a part of Digital Drushti's teaching fraternity, you need PASSION and PROFICIENCY.

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We are hiring instructors for multiple subjects, including digital marketing, web design, graphic design, ethical hacking, SEO, social media marketing, and more.
A DD instructor partakes in various offline and online learning activities from our head office, facilitating our course participants (students, business owners, industry professionals, and senior management) in their digital learning journey.
We are an equal-opportunities workplace, and our team consists of dynamically diverse individuals trying to find to make their way into the amazing world of teaching.
As a modern and lenient workplace, we don't believe in imposing too many rules and regulations on our staff as it hampers creativity and work-life balance. However, punctuality, curiosity, self-efficacy, proactiveness, etc., are some qualities we look for in potential instructors.
All instructors are expected to have a bachelor's degree in relevant fields as a minimum requirement for the job application.
All instructors must undergo training to learn our teaching methodologies and software upon joining.
All instructors must sign NDAs with Digital Drushti to maintain exclusivity in our collective offerings.
Every DD course is carefully crafted to perfection by industry experts. We expect every new teaching team member to go through the course training to get a better idea of our teaching pattern and subject material.
This helps the knowledge delivery be more straightforward and efficient during live classes with the participants.
Upon joining, all instructors go through a brief training period, regardless of their level of expertise in the field.