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Our Story The Learning Platform

Our Story

A hybrid learning platform, Digital Drushti is a generational revolution in the making. Our courses cater to the most basic as well as advanced digital learning demands in the Indian and global markets. We train students, industry professionals, and business owners to learn about the magic of the online marketing sphere. 

Participants learn every little tidbit and significant concepts that rule digital marketing and related fields during the length of our courses. Our curriculum is carefully crafted by our founder and lead instructor, Ms. Trupti S. Rahate, an industry expert with 14+ years of experience as a digital marketing and transformation expert. 

We aim to provide affordable and accessible digital marketing learning to every individual in the country. Our course enables students from all professionals backgrounds to learn the best digital marketing strategies that aim at catering results and ROI. Whether you are a student looking for a career in Digital Marketing, a professional looking to upskill yourself, or a business owner looking to upgrade and upscale your business online, Digital Drushti is the perfect place for all your needs and more.

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Marketing forms the crux of my being. All my ventures carry a piece
of it in them, and that reflects in my work.

- Trupti S. Rahate, Founder

Meet Trupti The Founder

Meet Trupti

Trupti S. Rahate is a digital marketing wizard born in the ‘maximum city’ of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. From an early age, Trupti stood out from the crowd. While everyone in her circle was busy following the paths laid out for them, a young and fierce Trupti decided to follow her passion for marketing. 

Trupti went on to pursue BMS in the early 2000s (a relatively new course in the country then). She was fondly called ‘Mrs. Kotler’ by her college mates due to her unconditional love and dedication to marketing.

Being a strategic thinker, Trupti climbed the corporate ladder by garnering experience in sales and marketing for the initial years of her career while working at the nation’s premier organisations. As the country became digitalised, so did Trupti’s work portfolio. Her last stint as a corporate employee was at Mahindra’s First Choice Services, where she brought forth a digital transformation like no other. 

In 2019, as Trupti sat next to her doting mother, she realised how important it was for her to take a break and start afresh. Due to medical priorities at home, Trupti left the job without much of a plan. Despite being unprepared for this sudden change in her career, Trupti was excited to begin a new chapter in her life. This commenced the journey of Digital Drushti. DD was launched primarily as a coaching institute, but as the strength of the students and working professionals opting for DD’s courses increased, the word-of-mouth about Trupti’s marketing techniques spread. DD’s students started referring Trupti to potential clients and hence, DD expanded into a boutique branding & digital marketing consultancy. 

This time, Trupti wanted to start her digital marketing learning platform and teach young students and business professionals the power of digital marketing that she’d grown to love for over a decade. Her carefully crafted courses for business owners received a massive positive response from course attendees. As a business owner and full-time marketer, Trupti has developed significant insights into several business dynamics across leading industries, with digital transformation and automation as her primary focus. 

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